PVC-cable RKUB

Technical specification

 Cable type
 Coat PVC
 Wiring material
Tinned copper
Service temperature -30 to +70 °C

For simpler and smoother installations, we have double wire in dimensions up to 2 x 6 mm² with a tinned cable that has PVC insulation. It is perfect for installation of appliances such as refrigerators, lamps, etc. in your boat, caravan and other vehicles. It is available in several colors.

For more power-intensive installations such as generator or starter engine, use our tinned rubber cable.

All cable rolls in our regular range are delivered on neat, non-tangled plastic rolls for easy and smooth handling. You can also buy all cable on the meter, see the nearest dealer or installer.

 Dimension Outer diameter
Wire thickness
 2 x 0.75 mm² 2.3 x 4.7 mm 0.19 mm
 2 x 1.5 mm² 2.8 x 5.7 mm 0.25 mm
 2 x 2.5 mm² 3.6 x 6.5 mm 0.25 mm
 2 x 4 mm² 3.8 x 7.8 mm 0.30 mm
 2 x 6 mm² 4.4 x 9.0 mm 0.30 mm

 50 & 100 m rolls

Art no. Dimension Color Packings
FK1902 2 x 0.75 mm² Red/Black 50 m
FK1903 2 x 0.75 mm² Red/Black 100 m
FK2002 2 x 1.5 mm² Red/Black 50 m
FK2003 2 x 1.5 mm² Red/Black 100 m
FK2022 2 x 1.5 mm² Brown/Brown 50 m
FK2023 2 x 1.5 mm² Brown/Brown 100 m
FK2102 2 x 2.5 mm² Red/Black 50 m
FK2103 2 x 2.5 mm² Red/Black 100 m
FK2122 2 x 2.5 mm² Brown/Brown 50 m
FK2123 2 x 2.5 mm² Brown/Brown 100 m
FK2202 2 x 4 mm² Red/Black 50 m
FK2203 2 x 4 mm² Red/Black 100 m
FK2302 2 x 6 mm² Red/Black 50 m
FK2303 2 x 6 mm² Red/Black 100 m


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