Protective covers

We recommend you to always install protective covers over your fuse holders and busbars to prevent short circuits. The covers are of impact resistant polycarbonate. All supplied screws are stainless steel (A2).

A highly appreciated product is the protective cover for the battery terminals. Be sure to avoid short circuits between the battery terminals. Get our cover that protects the poles from falling tools and the like.







Art no. Product Size Width Fits to Art no. Fasteners
E0600 Protective cover to S 125 x 95 mm 3 mm Busbars E0303, E0313, E0841 2 pcs of FXS 4,2x16 mm
E0602 Protective cover to XS 125 x 95 mm 3 mm Fuse holders E0400, E0402

2 pcs of FXS 4,2x16 mm
E0603 Protective cover to XXS 120 x 70 mm 3 mm Busbars E0330, E0331, E0335, E0336 2 pcs of FXS 4,2x16 mm
E0604 Protective cover to Battery terminals 100 x 100 mm 3 mm Battery terminals E0101, E0141, E0131, E0161 M6 + M4 distance and a nylon nut
E0610 Protective cover to M 170 x 95 mm 3 mm Busbars E0301, E0306, E0316, E0321, E0831 2 pcs of FXS 4,2x16 mm
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