Cables & Connections

Prioritize right in your electrical system.


When you improve your electrical system, the task may feel overwhelming. Keep in mind that you do not have to do everything at once, and even small improvements can yield good results.

The most important thing in your boat's electrical system is the charging, so you should prioritize what's in between the generator and the batteries. If any part of it works badly, almost the entire charge disappears and then you have no electricity to consume. Check the minus cable between the battery bank and the generator, it is often bad or to thin.

Among the consumers, the starter engine is top priority, because the function is important and requires high current. Next to the starter engine comes the refrigerator and heater. Also, these draw relatively high currents and create concerns if they do not work properly.

After that comes the switch board and small consumers like lamps, plots and water pumps that are not as sensitive as the above consumers.

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